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The markets are near all-time highs!  Is your portfolio able to withstand the next market drop?  Maybe it's time to move to safer accounts.  Maybe it's time you re-position your allocations.  Maybe it's time to take charge of your money. At Pfaff Financial Advisors, Inc., we can help protect what you've earned.  Maybe its time to get a second opinion on what your are doing.

Pfaff Financial Advisors

  • Independent Planning Firm
  • Accessible
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  • Reputable
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No two financial plans are alike.  Each portfolio is personalized and customized for every individual.  Bringing the strategies together with the right team of professionals will control the integrity of the financial plan.

SOS (Second Opinion Service)

Do you already have a financial planner or have your accounts at a local bank earning little interest in a CD or savings account?  We are offering a SOS (Second Opinion Service) to individuals or friends of individuals who attend Our Ladies of  Lourdes Catholic church.  During an SOS, Stephen C. Pfaff, CFP® will do a sit down review of your current accounts.  The review will cover risk analysis, market exposure and a review of your goals and life plans as you approach retirement.  If you are already retired, Steve will review your entire retirement portfolio.  Nothing is sold during an SOS meeting and all information is held in strict confidentiality.

What to bring to a Second Opinion Service (SOS):

  • Latest Tax Return
  • Investment Statements (Brokerage, mutual fund, annuities, CD's, savings and bank accounts)
  • Life Insurance Statement and Policies
  • List of any questions you may have for us
  • Estate planning documents (Such as trusts, will, etc.)

Give us a call today to schedule a time to meet with Steve to do your Second Opinion Service (727) 559-8900.

Out of state?  We are also licensed in the following states in case you are visiting Florida for just a limited time: New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri and Virginia.  If you don't see your state listed, we may be able to add your home state to our list, but call our office to inquire.

New Jersey/New York Connection
Steve has a strong following in other states. Steve started his practice in New Jersey in 1991 and has many clients in New Jersey, New York and other states.

Thinking about a permanent move to Florida?
We specialize in helping people in their relocation to Florida. Having an advisor that knows Florida rules and regulations will help you transition easier.