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US Postal Workers

As a postal worker, you need someone on your side when it is time for retirement. You need to know your options and choose the best one for you.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Stephen C. Pfaff takes control of the financial process with careful planning and implementation of strategies that fit your personal portfolio.

No two financial plans are alike. Each portfolio is personalized and customized for every individual. Bringing the strategies together with the right team of professionals will control the integrity of the financial portfolio.

Who should set up a meeting to review their TSP (Thrift Saving Plan)?

If you are within one year of retirement you are in the danger zone. Set up an appointment now!

Anyone who plans to retire within the next 5 years should start the planning process by doing a Second Opinion Service (SOS).

Give us a call today to schedule a second opinion service (727) 559-8900. Our appointment times tend to fill up fast, so give us a call today.

SOS (Second Opinion Service)

Do you already have a financial planner or have your accounts at a local bank earning little interest in a CD or savings account? We are offering a SOS (Second Opinion Service) to individuals who work or have retired from the US Postal service. During an SOS, Stephen C. Pfaff, CFP® will do a sit down review of your current accounts. The review will cover risk analysis, market exposure and a review of your goals and life plans as you approach retirement. If you are already retired, Steve will review your entire retirement portfolio. Nothing is sold during an SOS meeting and all information is held in strict confidentiality.

What to bring to a Second Opinion Service:

  • Latest TSP statement
  • Latest Tax Return
  • Investment Statements (Brokerage, mutual fund, annuities, CD's, savings and bank accounts)
  • Life Insurance Statement and Policies
  • List of any questions you may have for us
  • Estate planning documents (such as trusts, wills, etc.)

Give us a call today to schedule a time to meet with Steve to do a Second Opinion Service (727) 559-8900.

We look at all aspects of strategic life planning at Pfaff Financial Advisors.

  • Overall portfolio
  • Investment & safe money strategies
  • Life-Time income
  • Insurance planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate, charitable giving and legacy planning

As an independent investment advisory firm, Pfaff Financial Advisors becomes the "quarterback" of your financial team. They provide, coordinate and monitor legal and tax strategies with other trusted professionals to optimize financial strategies.